CD CoverCreating a musical from M M Kaye's best-selling novel THE FAR PAVILIONS took writers Philip Henderson and Michael Ward eight years. These unique studio recordings sung by some of the finest performers of British musical threatre between 1997-2005 represent the milestones they passed on their way into the West End as plans for a production seemed to stall then suddenly gathered speed. It was a journey, by turns joyous and painful, but one they would never have missed. Philip and Michael are delighted to share that joruney with you.

This CD is released by Stage Door Records

1998 Recordings:
01. Overture - Philip Henderson
02. Cast in Stone - Company
03. Don't Forget Me - Holly Lambert
04. Only One Hymn - Paul Baker, Jody Crosier, Company
05. Where Do I Begin? - Jesper Lundgaard
06. Britannia Rules The Waverers - Ian Bartholomew
07. Impossible Dreamer - Ria Jones, Jesper Lundgaard
08. Sandstorm (instrumental) - Philip Henderson
09. Once In A Life - Ria Jones
10. Once In A Life (instrumental) - Philip Henderson
11. Destiny - Helen Hobson
12. Dulce et Decorum est - Company
13. Nomad Of My Heart - Ria Jones, Jesper Lundgaarad
14. Brighter By Far - Paul Baker
15. Siege of the Bala Hissar (instrumental) - Philip Henderson
16. The Walls Of My House - Jesper Lundgaard
17. The Best Of All Wrolds - Company
2001 Recordings:
18. This Our India - Company
19. Where Are You Now? - Matt Cammelle, Najma Akhtar
20. Only A Fool - Matt Cammelle
21. Once In A Life - Najma Akhtar
22. The Far Pavilions - Fred Johanson
2004 Recordings:
23. Courtesan's Theme (instrumental) (orchestration by John Cameron)
24. One Night - Gayatri Iyer
25. Born To The Battle - Hadley Fraser