Here are some newspaper reviews for Mollie's children's book The Ordinary Princess (1980).

Fairy tales are for people of all ages and this one, which runs to 122 pages magnificently illustrated in line by Faith Jaques is no exception.  The story of the seventh princess to whose christening (unlike that of her six sisters) fairies were invited, is as witty as it is full of common sense.  Does it matter that cantankerous old Crustacea the last of the fairies to arrive, bestowed Ordinariness on the baby Princess Amethyst (thenceforth to be known as Amy)?  Of course not, for as an ordinary girl she can be an ordinary kitchen-maid and attract the amorous attention of a quite extraordinarily attractive young King!  A delicious confection which will  delight all those who have read M M Kaye’s novels – and thousands of young readers too.  The Bookseller, 20 September 1980

* * *